Marijuana Laws in San Antonio

Marijuana is illegal in Texas. It shouldn’t be.   Recently, however, large Texas cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston have implemented cite and release programs when it comes to simple possession of marijuana.   And in September of last year, San Antonio signaled it would be doing the same.   “This will definitely change the […]

Failing a Drug Test on Probation

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test on Probation?   A failed drug test while on probation can result in a warrant for your arrest, jail time, additional probation time, additional terms and conditions, more money, and a conviction.   Two Paths to Probation   If you are on probation in Texas, one of […]

New Year’s 2017 Safety Tips

Ring out the old. Ring in the new. Just don’t get arrested while you’re doing it. New Year’s Eve 2017 is upon us, and this year is going to be an even bigger party because San Antonio is turning 300. The revelers won’t be the only ones out, though.   Bigger party = bigger police […]

Seal your DWI Conviction

Do you have an old DWI conviction on your record? You may now be eligible to seal it.   Beginning September 1, 2017, DWI convictions became eligible for nondisclosure. And the best part is that it’s retroactive. So everyone (that’s eligible) can take advantage of this.   DWI is one of the only crimes in […]